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If you're thinking about selling your property, you're probably wondering how you can add value in the most effective way. The key to adding value is to utilise what you already have and to avoid costly additions that may not bring as much return on investment...

As a homeowner, mortgages are important, but we understand they can be confusing, especially if you're thinking of buying a new home or re-mortgaging.

So what's happening to interest rates? And what does that mean for your mortgage?

As the summer months approach, you're probably thinking about hosting in your garden. Impress your guests with this guide to preparing your garden and hosting dazzling events.

Pets are a big part of the family so it's no wonder that pet owners want to make their homes as welcoming and comfortable as possible without compromising on style.

Whilst experts feared that the housing market would decline and house prices would fall during the pandemic, we actually saw the opposite effect. Now that tax holidays have ended, and the cost-of-living crisis worsens, the property market is expected to stabilise...

Here are the top three trends of 2022 to help transform your home into your sanctuary, and the top three trends to avoid.

Karen and Matt were at Ysgol Ty Coch this morning dropping off a whopping 76 eggs for the children!

Moving house isn't hassle-free, and to avoid expense and upheaval, many homeowners tend to make do, despite their current home being too small. However, putting off a move can have a negative impact on your lifestyle, relationships, and family life...

Packing up your home and fitting your belongings into a smaller property can be stressful. That’s why we’re here to help.

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