The weather might be getting colder but the property market remains hot, with demand amongst potential buyers at an all-time high and property prices increasing even further.
If you're looking to benefit from the Winter market this November, here are our top tips on how to maximise the chances of selling...

Keep it cosy

Make your property more inviting for potential buyers that are coming inside from the dull and cold winter weather by maximising the light in your property and adding extra decor such as cushions and throws.

Turn on the heating

Make sure your home is warm and inviting for potential buyers by turning the heating on in time for their arrival. If you have a fire, light it. If not then just get a nice even heat throughout your home to allow buyers to view the property comfortably.

Tidy up your outdoor space

It's very important to maintain your garden this time of the year, as often times it can be neglected when the temperature begins to drop. Clear up the fallen leaves, unblock drains and gutters and add a few late-flowering plants to help sell your homes kerb appeal.

Get the ball rolling NOW!

With fewer properties on the market and potential home buyers enquring now more than ever, November is a great time to think about selling your property. Get in touch to speak with our expert team who can guide you every step of the way.

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