Whether you're a homeowner or a landlord renting out your property, follow these simple tips to pet-proof your kitchen, protect it from muddy paws and keep the value of your property. 

Choose easy-clean materials

It's no secret that pets can bring a lot of mess with their muddy paws, sharp claws and drooling mouths, so opting for durable materials that can easily be wiped down is crucial for keeping your kitchen looking smart. Laminate and tiled flooring are easy to sweep and mop, and dark grout hides stains to keep your floor looking fresher for longer. For your surfaces, steer clear from a high gloss finish as these show up smudges.

Add storage

From food and treats to toys and grooming tools, pets can bring a lot of clutter to your kitchen. Choose a designated cupboard in your kitchen or utility room to keep all your pets belongings in to help keep your space tidy. You could also add storage dividers to keep it extra organised.

Create a designated muddy area

If you have a dog, muddy paws and boots are a common occurrence during the winter months. Having a separate area from the rest of the house not only gives you space to store your winter coats and boots, but also provides an area to wipe down your dog without making your kitchen dirty.

Opt for dark tones

With pets sniffing around the kitchen, it's best to avoid lighter tones as they show scuffs, smudges and dirt easily. To keep your kitchen sleek and smart, choose darker tones such as charcoal, navy, black and green.

If you have a smaller kitchen, you can make the space feel bigger by using lighter tones for cupboards higher up, out of your pets' reach.


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