If you’ve visited us before, you might notice something a little different!

Durbins Estate Agents has been in business for over 40 years, and in that time we’ve never really changed the look of our brand; always using variations on the same logo and colours from the very beginning.

Things have changed since 1975, and it's time for our brand to do the same!

The time has finally come to wave goodbye to the old red and gold, and introduce a fresh new look that better represents our friendly, forward-thinking service. In a crowded market we want our brand to stand out just as much as our service does! And we know our new brand will help us do just that.

It's bold, it's bright, and above all it will be the most eyecatching out there on the streets, where making your property stand out from the crowd is our number one priority.

Nothing else is changing - we're still the same experienced, local friendly team you know and love.

This opportunity to rebrand is an exciting and significant step in our history, and we’re beyond excited for you to finally see our new look. If you're passing, drop in and see it in person at our office in Tonteg, and keep an eye out for those bright blue boards in your area soon!

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